The Akbash breed boasts coats that are nearly exclusively white, a characteristic that served a crucial purpose in their role as livestock protectors. Their white coloration allows them to blend seamlessly with the flock, enabling them to perform their guardian duties effectively.

Throughout the year, Akbashes experience moderate shedding, which intensifies during the summer months. To maintain their coat’s health and cleanliness, regular brushing once or twice a week is essential to remove dirt and old hair. With consistent grooming, managing their coat becomes relatively simple.

Akbashes exhibit a vigilant and assertive nature when it comes to guarding their territory. They will growl or bark at strangers if they sense anything amiss, but they are not excessively aggressive towards them. As watchdogs, their alertness and ability to notify their owners of potential intruders make them an excellent choice for security.

Being independent by nature, Akbashes rarely experience separation anxiety from their human companions. They appreciate having some personal space and occasional solitude.

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for Akbashes due to their relatively low energy levels. Regular exercise is essential, with at least one good half-hour to an hour-long walk per day, along with engaging play sessions and shorter walks mixed in.

Given their size, Akbashes can comfortably handle the play of energetic children. However, due to their low energy levels, they may gravitate towards spending time with adults or older kids who know how to engage with them gently.

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